Process to get UI plugins approved?

asked 2014-02-26 23:26:39 -0600

clu-m gravatar image

For example, Horizon is using JQuery tablesorter plugin. Curious, how did that get approved for use in opensource project?

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answered 2014-02-27 20:02:49 -0600

tqtran gravatar image

Does this process also work similarly for images/icons? I'm assuming that it is ok as long as the creator of the image gives us permission to use?

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answered 2014-02-27 07:20:37 -0600

mrunge gravatar image

That was included, because a developer simply copied that to the horizon source tree and two core developers accepted that.

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answered 2014-02-28 08:40:20 -0600

mrunge gravatar image

For all additions: keep in mind, OpenStack is licensed under Apache Software license 2.0. If that's ok for the author, it's ok for us. (We usually change source code, for artistic work, this is sometimes not wanted by the contributor). When in doubt, please consult a lawyer and/or raise the issue at the mailing-list openstack-dev@....

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