Instances Ipaddress in Horizon and operating system is different

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We have configured the Openstack with Single flat network model,

Controller : compute1 : neutron :

We are able to launch the instances successfully. Instances OS are able to get the ipaddress from DHCP and able to see the leases from DHCP server Once we launch the instance from Horizon, in the Web UI instances are taking the ipaddress serially, but once power on the operating system it is taking the ipaddress from DHCP server.

Queries:- 1: Why instances in WEBUI it is taking serially but not taking from DHCP sever? 2: Is this operation is normal or any solution is available?

Thanks in Advance!...

DHCP Lease lease { starts 4 2014/02/27 12:47:56; ends 4 2014/02/27 14:47:56; cltt 4 2014/02/27 12:47:56; binding state active; next binding state free; hardware ethernet fa:16:3e:17:1c:af;` uid "\001\372\026>\027\034\257"; set ddns-rev-name = ""; set ddns-txt = "31c04c8edfc204d24f359d0d030f3377a7"; set ddns-fwd-name = ""; set vendorclass = "MSFT 5.0"; client-hostname "WIN-B0CEWFBCCUZ";

Note: Not able to attach screenshot

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It is normal. Did you face any problem ? You question summary and explanation you have give look different. Now, this is what is my understanding on this. First neutron gives the IP address and also it know the mac of instance. Once the DHCP request comes particular mac, DHCP associates IP to MAC. Now the process is complete. Hope this clears your question.

dheeru gravatar imagedheeru ( 2014-03-02 11:01:43 -0600 )edit