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Debugging Tempurl problems when using Swift+Keystone

asked 2013-04-01 17:56:45 -0500

shrinand gravatar image

I am seeing a problem where everytime I try to use a tempurl, I get an "Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid" error. I don't find enough documentation about debugging tempurls. Hence this question.

If I want to configure tempurl, do I only have to add the following in the proxy-server conf and restart it?


... pipeline = catch_errors healthcheck cache authtoken tempurl swiftauth proxy-server ... [filter:tempurl] use = egg:swift#tempurl


If this is all that is required, I have done this. From the swift command line utility, I can see the Meta Temp-Url-Key option set on the account as well. But when I use a tempUrl, I get the Unauthorized error. I logged the actual url and it looks something like this:


I verified that the value of temp-url-expires is greater than the current time on the proxy server when it receives the request.

What else do I need to do?

Thanks in advance. -Shri

P.S. FWIW: I'm using jclouds. The BlobRequestSigner::signGetBlob method creates the tempurl.

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answered 2013-04-05 23:22:24 -0500

shrinand gravatar image

Finally, I got the solution. You need the following in the proxy-server.conf

[filter:authtoken] ... delay_auth_decision = 1

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answered 2013-04-01 19:31:13 -0500

shrinand gravatar image

I added some additional logging into to debug this further. I see that 'QUERY_STRING' is not set in the 'env' dictionary. When can that happen?

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