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GRE Key for virtual networks using OVS plugin

asked 2013-05-16 14:00:57 -0600

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I have asked this question before, but what I am trying to do is still get a basic understanding of the way the quantum server, atleast I think it's the quantum server...... exchanges information with the ovs agents running on the compute nodes. I have installed grizzly, I have 3 compute nodes, and one network/controller node. I I ran some packet captures and noticed that there is a GRE Key value associated with each virtual network that I created within the tenants. The key is listed as 0x000000#. I then looked in the quantum database at the ovs_network_bindings table, and the column segmentation_id. I noticed that for each network_id in that table, the segmentation_id matched the network_id of the network that I have created thus far. I guess my question is how does ovs_agent on the compute node, know to tag the traffic with a specific key value for a specific network? How does this key value get relayed from the mysql database down to the ovs agents? Is there any documentation/graphic that expresses how this information exchange works? Any information would be appreciated.

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answered 2013-05-17 11:27:52 -0600

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have a look at this

The agent side of the code is here

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