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Sample data of object.ring.gz, container.ring.gz and account.ring.gz [closed]

asked 2010-07-22 22:12:44 -0500

tpatil gravatar image

I couldn't find object.ring.gz, container.ring.gz and account.ring.gz in the entire source code. Can someone please let me know where I can find these files? I want to understand the contents of these files.


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answered 2010-07-23 22:31:05 -0500

cthier gravatar image

The ring files are generated by the swift-ring-builder command line tool. Running the tool without any arguments will give you display a help file. An example of building the ring can be found in the Swift All in One instructions at ( .

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answered 2010-07-23 22:49:38 -0500

tpatil gravatar image

I could generate the ring files and view the contents by following the procedure you have mentioned in your previous message.Thank you.

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