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nova-manage floating list fails

asked 2011-05-11 17:29:49 -0500

arturo-lorenzo gravatar image

hi, nova-manage floating list is failing with the error:

nova-manage floating list

Command failed, please check log for more info I have entered successfully the following two commands:



euca-associate-address -i i-00000001

ADDRESS i-00000001 Even euca-describe-addresses responds OK:


ADDRESS i-00000001 (myprj)

Here is the log: 2011-05-11 13:20:30,539 CRITICAL nova [-] 'Instance' object has no attribute 'ec2_id' (nova): TRACE: Traceback (most recent call last): (nova): TRACE: File "/usr/bin/nova-manage", line 1122, in <module> (nova): TRACE: main() (nova): TRACE: File "/usr/bin/nova-manage", line 1111, in main (nova): TRACE: fn(*argv) (nova): TRACE: File "/usr/bin/nova-manage", line 509, in list (nova): TRACE: instance = floating_ip['fixed_ip']['instance']['ec2_id'] (nova): TRACE: File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/nova/db/sqlalchemy/", line 74, in __getitem__ (nova): TRACE: return getattr(self, key) (nova): TRACE: AttributeError: 'Instance' object has no attribute 'ec2_id'

(nova): TRACE:

any ideas? thanks!

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2 answers

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answered 2011-05-11 18:35:43 -0500

vishvananda gravatar image

There is a bug for this already. bug 758975

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answered 2011-05-11 18:40:44 -0500

arturo-lorenzo gravatar image

Ok, thanks!

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