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multiple project management

asked 2011-05-23 11:17:48 -0500

Hi there!

I wanna know , can we add multiple projects to same user?

If yes, then instances to both projects will be shown different? Because. I tried adding two projects to same user. But if i click on 2nd projects it shows same instances as shown for 1st project. Its not showing me separate instances for both projects.

and if multiple projects are supporting then how to implement it ??

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answered 2011-06-07 23:36:40 -0500

Hi Angel,

It is indeed possible to support multiple projects per user. If a user is associated with multiple projects, then the projects will be listed on the left side of the user interface.

If you are seeing the same instances among multiple projects, then it is most likely that one of your users is a nova administrator. When users with nova administrative rights request a list of instances, it will show a list of all active instances in the system.

This behavior is somewhat confusing and will be going away when we complete the transition of dashboard from using the EC2 API to the OpenStack API.

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