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Are there plans to upgrade the AMQP version?

asked 2013-06-20 17:15:10 -0500

anonymous user


According to the website, OpenStack uses AMQP 0.8 for messaging between all Nova systems. Are there any plans to upgrade to AMQP 1.0 in the near future?

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answered 2013-06-30 18:34:08 -0500

fifieldt gravatar image


OpenStack is not specifically tied to an AMQP version. It's more about what clients we have support for, what versions they speak, and then what message brokers support that.

Right now we have support for using the kombu (for RabbitMQ) and qpid (for Qpid) clients.

I actually have a big interest in adding support for AMQP 1.0. One of the really interesting things with AMQP 1.0 that is relevant for OpenStack is that it is not tied to using a message broker. You can use it in both a peer-to-peer and a brokered way. This is interesting, because depending on the messaging pattern we're using, we may want one vs the other in different parts of OpenStack.

As for the specifics to doing this, the only AMQP 1.0 client I know of is Proton. It does have Python bindings.

As for the server side, ActiveMQ recently added AMQP 1.0 support using this same library (proton).
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