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can't get IP when I working with GRE

asked 2014-01-07 07:18:01 -0500

chen-li gravatar image

Hi list,

I'm working under Centos 6.4 + Havana.

I have three nodes working:

server node: running neutron-server

network node: running neutron-openvswitch-agent and neutron-dhcp-agent

compute node: running neutron-openvswitch-agent

I created a gre network and booted a instance successfully.

No error can be found in log.

But, my instance can't get IP from dhcp agent.

At network node, I can observed observed the DHCP request can be received, but it complains can't reach the ICMP host :

tcpdump -i eth4

14:31:51.314974 IP > GREv0, key=0x1, length 350: IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Request from fa:16:3e:73:dc:7a (oui Unknown), length 300

14:31:51.315028 IP > ICMP host unreachable - admin prohibited, length 378

Anyone know why this happen ??????



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Hi, I am too facing the same problem. Can you tell me how you resolved it? Thanks

fresher gravatar imagefresher ( 2015-01-01 07:28:40 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-01-12 08:12:49 -0500

salvatore-orlando gravatar image

A firewall is probably blocking the inbound connections to; this might explain the admin prohibited reply. Check whether inbound GRE is allowed on this host.

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