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How to make fixed ip available to public network?

asked 2013-06-20 07:44:36 -0600

Damon Tong gravatar image

In my development environment, the fixed ip pool is, while the floating ip pool is An instance is created with fixed ip and floating ip There is a program running in the instance. The program need to register its ip address and listening port to a server. But the program can only recognize the computer's ip as, which is unavailable to the public network.

I know that the floating ip can be detected by the server side when the program connected to it through tcp socket. But the program is unchangeable. So I have to find a way to solve this problem.

If the instance can be bridged to the public network, the problem then can bed solved. BUT it seems like that OpenStack does not support bridged virtual network as VMWare and other virtual machines do. Is this a by-design result?

Another potential solution is to make the fixed ip available to the public network, while I do not know how to make it work.

Can anyone help me with this problem? I have tried my best to make the problem clear, though it still looks confusing.

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answered 2013-06-20 08:26:37 -0600

darragh-oreilly gravatar image

You could use the metadata:

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This can get the public ip, but my concern is how to make the fixed ip available to the public network.

Damon Tong gravatar imageDamon Tong ( 2013-06-20 09:22:13 -0600 )edit

In your first paragraph you say "the program needs to register its ip address..." - I assumed you meant its floating IP, and the crux of the problem is that it cannot determine it.

darragh-oreilly gravatar imagedarragh-oreilly ( 2013-06-20 09:44:55 -0600 )edit

It was my mistake, sorry. The program, which is unchangeable, sends ip address, which is the fixed ip in my case, to server. It more make sense that the program looks up the floating up and sends it to the server, BUT I cannot change the program's behavior.

Damon Tong gravatar imageDamon Tong ( 2013-06-20 09:54:20 -0600 )edit

So you want to have routable from outside and no NATing. Have you looked into flat networks? That's for Quantum, you don't say if you are using it or nova-network.

darragh-oreilly gravatar imagedarragh-oreilly ( 2013-06-20 10:27:31 -0600 )edit

"have routable from outside and no NATing" is exactly what I want. I am using nova-network, do you mean that Quantum in FLAT Mode can solve my problem?

Damon Tong gravatar imageDamon Tong ( 2013-06-20 21:51:23 -0600 )edit

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