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How to add 1 panel on the Dashboard (as an module openstack)

asked 2013-06-20 02:02:11 -0600

Ph4nToM gravatar image

updated 2013-06-26 23:53:48 -0600

sgordon gravatar image

Hello, I'm currently work on Openstack Dashboard to Custom it. But I have some problem with the architecture of file code...

I would like, as the module nova, to add on the project a panel as Instances (for exemple page1).

image description

And When I click on this one, I would like arrive to a page which display "Hello" (for exemple).

I have no Idea to do that with Openstack Dashbard.

Maybe people know a solution? I think is an interesting topic.

I can only for the moment modify the name of my panels.

--- at 09:26 today ---

I found on a procedure to add a panel. What do you think about that? If I understand, I have to download the script and execute the line:

./ -m startpanel flocking --dashboard=visualizations --target=auto

I supose whith that I will create a new project. So if I want a project with name projet2, I have to execute the line:

./ -m startpanel projet2 --dashboard=visualizations --target=auto

And after all is built? Have I some panels definied to add some informations?

Maybe some people have already do this manipulation?

After modification, I have actually that on my Dashboard:

image description

To answer at Jpichon:

I would like to obtain this result:

image description

I have at the moment:

image description

How can I do?

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answered 2013-06-20 03:21:33 -0600

jpichon gravatar image

updated 2013-06-21 09:18:03 -0600

What you're actually interested in is the create panel documentation:

There is a demo in your horizon repository clone already, there shouldn't be a need to download an old version (see on master).

Once you have your panel, you can use the documentation at and

to remove the existing instances panel and link to your new one instead.

EDIT: For your new panels to show in your dashboard, you need to register them.


from visualizations import dashboard

dashboard.VizDash.register(Page1) # Page1 being the class name for your new Panel

Further below in the tutorials, you can see how to create views and tie them to urls and templates to display what you want. Good luck!

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I updated my previous answer to explain you with images

Ph4nToM gravatar imagePh4nToM ( 2013-06-20 03:33:38 -0600 )edit

Thanks for your help, it's work!

Ph4nToM gravatar imagePh4nToM ( 2013-06-24 01:32:46 -0600 )edit

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