New VMs are automatically associated with all available networks

asked 2013-01-29 20:19:32 -0600

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I am seeing a strange problem here. Whenever I boot up a virtual machine from the command line via "nova boot", it immediately appears to be associated with all available networks:

+--------------------------------------+------------------+--------+-----------------------------------------+ | ID | Name | Status | Networks | +--------------------------------------+------------------+--------+-----------------------------------------+ | 6207a2a1-ca04-494d-bdbb-b4e58e4f0155 | fluxcapacitor | ACTIVE | admin-net=; ext_net= | | 5b920849-c24f-4eb0-98b1-ed31b33be5b8 | superfrobnicator | ACTIVE | admin-net= | +--------------------------------------+------------------+--------+-----------------------------------------+

If I boot a VM from the dashboard I can select which nets I want it to associated with (and it works). In the above paste example, the first VM was booted via the command line and the second was booted via the dashboard with the appropriate networks selected.

ext_net is the network where my floating IPs would be coming from; please note that the newly started VMs are not assigned proper floating IPs. I looks like quantum creates a port for the VM but does not associate a floating Ip with it.

Please help!

Best regards Martin

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answered 2013-02-09 18:40:20 -0600

martin-loschwitz gravatar image

Thanks yong sheng gong, that solved my question.

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answered 2013-02-01 02:04:35 -0600

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helo, to select a network from command line: nova boot --image xx --flavor yy --nic net-id=zzzz myserver1 by default, the system will allocate net cards for each available networks. 2. In nova, we have auto_assign_floating_ip=false|true, quantum has no such option item as of now. to assign floating ip, u have to do it manually.

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