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I'm doing some basic scalability tests and was looking for some comments on two things.

  1. even with my network quota set higher than 2000, that is the true limit that my setup will allow to be created.

Is this expected?

  1. a single network with 204+ subnets assigned will cause "quantum net-list" to fail with the following error:

414-{'message': ''}

I can create many more than 204 subnets on a single network, and "quantum subnet-list" will execute properly.

The reason seems to be that quantum client is first asking for the list of networks. In that response, each network is returned which also lists each subnet assigned to that network. Next, the quantum client is sending another request which contains each subnet's id inquiring on the CIDR. The output returned from this command seems to be available in the first response.

Is that 2nd request neccessary? If so, once we move 204+ subnets in a network that 2nd request by the quantum-client is too big. at least in my setup. maybe the web server can be tweaked to allow this. I haven't looked in to that.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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answered 2013-06-03 20:53:40 -0600

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Thanks Aaron,

for #1, I was running in to the limit I've configured tenant vlan ranges in the ovs_quantum_plugin.ini file. my range was exactly 2000 vlans.

for #2, the bug you gave a link for is what I'm seeing. I need to learn to search the bugs better :)


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answered 2013-06-01 18:39:59 -0600

1) should be why not?

2) Fixed by: 414-{'message': ''}

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