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Resizing Ephemeral Disk

asked 2013-05-27 17:18:36 -0500

6-jake gravatar image

Hello all,

I just tried to resize one of my instances to a smaller flavor and found that the ephemeral disk was never resized.

[root@controller ~]# nova flavor-list|grep small | 9cc4156f-b4ac-47a4-a782-0c4f1c3dd20a | m1.small | 1024 | 20 | 20 | | 1 | 1.0 | True | {} | | e8e0e0eb-20e2-4491-8c7c-d63d447a2236 | m1.small.double | 1024 | 20 | 40 | | 1 | 1.0 | True | {} |

When resizing from m1.small.double to m1.small, /dev/vdb is still 40GB. Is this an error or does Nova not resize these intentionally?

If Nova doesn't, is there anyway I can force it to resize? If it won't resize down, will it resize up at least?

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answered 2013-05-27 18:34:17 -0500

6-jake gravatar image

Turns out that it'll resize up, just not down. Is there anyway I can force it to resize down (or do it manually)?

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answered 2013-05-28 15:07:19 -0500

patrickvinas gravatar image

On your compute node, the disk image is stored at /var/lib/nova/instances/<instance id="">/disk (or whatever your state_path option specifies in your nova.conf). You could try resizing that image with "sudo kvm-img resize ... ". Make sure to power down the VM first - and you may have to update the database manually, to keep your disk usage reporting (and quota usage) accurate.

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