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How can I run dashboard as a service, not from terminal

asked 2011-06-17 16:40:58 -0600

yzt356 gravatar image

I have successfully configured dashboard, and can login with an existed account. Now I want to run dashboard as a service just like the service scripts in /etc/init.d and run it automatically when the machine boot up, not from a terminal and start it manually.


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answered 2011-06-19 11:51:03 -0600

rafadurancastaneda gravatar image


I suppose you are using django default server. If I'm right, it doesn't make sense to me running it as service since default server is just for development and run it each time you want test something isn't a great problem. Of course you can write your own init.d script, you can found a lot useful information on internet : ubuntu pages: ( tiny example: (

And you can also check your scripts in init.d. However if you want dashboard for something else more than just testing, you could deploy it using apache or any other, getting the init.d script among many other useful things.


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