unabel to send for git review

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I followed steps mentioned in the http://wiki.openstack.org/GerritWorkflow but unable to send the code for review.

Very high level here is my steps: 1. created an account in http://launchpad.net and also logged into http://review.openstack.org 2. got the code from github by using "git clone http://github.com/openstack/nova.git nova" 3. generated the ssh keys using ssh-keygen and copied ssh pub keys into http://review.openstack.org 4. fixed the bug and ran the testcases, pep8 5. i also configured git config with my username and email id which i used in launchpad. 6. need to send for code review using "git review" but it got failed.

please let me know if i missed anything. it is urgent for me.

Some times i am facing following error while clone the nova code git:

git clone http://github.com/openstack/nova.git nova_latest Cloning into nova_latest... error: The requested URL returned error: 504 while accessing http://github.com/openstack/nova.git/info/refs (http://github.com/openstack/nova.git/...)

fatal: HTTP request failed

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answered 2012-03-22 18:50:20 -0600

Please check out this page: http://wiki.openstack.org/HowToContri...

Specifically, see "If you're a developer, start here:". You need to sign the CLA and join the openstack-cla group. Once your membership has been approved in the openstack-cla group, you will be able to submit patches with "git review".

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