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There is no object-store endpoint on this auth server

asked 2012-05-27 08:30:59 -0500

dubi-il gravatar image

I have run for a devstack gitted (master). swift is not enabled so nova-objectstore should be active . keystone seems to work ok since curl gives the token in return for the admin/passw0rd credentials.

Yet when running : swift -A -U admin -K passw0rd list

I get back : " There is no object-store endpoint on this auth server"

any idea why ?

actually there were intallation where it did not happen , but I don't see any diff between them

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answered 2012-05-31 15:29:12 -0500

jean-pierre-dion gravatar image

Hi, how did you solve this ? I am facing the same issue.

Thank you.


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answered 2012-05-31 17:49:23 -0500

dubi-il gravatar image

actuall I did not solve it directly but made some change (enabled minimal local swift instead of nova-objectstore ) and it worked I did not come back to the nova-objectstore usage . But in the meanwhile I learned more and think the above error message might come from the fact that keystone was not active ( do : 'ps _ax | grep keystone' to see if you have keystone-all running) . if so run : python /opt/stack/keystone/bin/keystone-all --config-file /etc/keystone/keystone.conf --log-config /etc/keystone/logging.conf

to start keystone ( should be in that path if .devstack/ finished ok)

Now here is how I activated swift (minimal configuration) instead of nova-objectstore :

1) run : to revert the old intallation and then : rm -fr /opt/stack/* then copy /devstack/samples/localrc (a swift install example) to devstack directory with some changes as follows (including some passwords of your own . mine were all : 'passw0rd') :

Minimal Contents


While is happy to run without localrc, devlife is better when

there are a few minimal variables set:

If the *_PASSWORD variables are not set here you will be prompted to enter

values for them by


HOST_IP should be set manually for best results. It is auto-detected during the

first run of but often is indeterminate on later runs due to the IP

being moved from an Ethernet interface to a bridge on the host. Setting it here

also makes it available for openrc to include when setting OS_AUTH_URL.

HOST_IP is not set by default.


Set DevStack Install Directory


The DevStack install directory is set by the DEST variable. By setting it

early in localrc you can reference it in later variables. The default value

is /opt/stack. It can be useful to set it even though it is not changed from

the default value.




Swift is now used as the back-end for the S3-like object store. If Nova's

objectstore (n-obj in ENABLED_SERVICES) is enabled, it will NOT

run if Swift is enabled. Setting the hash value is required and you will

be prompted for it if Swift is enabled so just set it to something already:


following we request only key. mysql and swift modules . No nova or else


For development purposes the default of 3 replicas is usually not required.

Set this to 1 to save some resources:


The data for Swift is stored in the source tree by default ($DEST/swift/data)

and can be moved by setting SWIFT_DATA_DIR. The directory will be created

if it does not exist.


2) Install again by running : /devstac/ and enter any passwords prompted for . 3) when install finishes ok run : /devstack /source opnerc 4) now start swift like this: swift-init all start ( to later stop swift (if you need ) do : swift-init all stop. it should finish ok ... (more)

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answered 2012-05-29 18:08:22 -0500

dubi-il gravatar image


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