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asked 2011-11-09 14:47:51 -0600

betodalas gravatar image

Hello, I created some instances by Diablo Dashboard, but when I click overview shows the following information:

There are currently no instances.

Can you launch an instance from the Images Page.

Does anyone know what can be? Does it have to do with the EUCA that is not working?

When I go on "system panel" show error:

Unable to get usage info: Instance type %(instance_type_id)s could not be found.


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answered 2012-01-23 11:57:10 -0600

betodalas gravatar image

Thank you Takaaki, I fix this problem installing more recent Dashboard

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answered 2011-11-21 08:30:36 -0600

betodalas gravatar image

The strange thing is that the administrator's panel shows how much CPU is using, but the status is different when you click "user dashboard". The machines are being installed correctly.

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answered 2012-01-23 08:45:07 -0600

I had same problem. but I solved it.

Please check your nova instances database tables. instance_type_id have to match instance_types table "id".


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answered 2011-11-17 19:45:45 -0600

gabriel-hurley gravatar image

I have not experienced this issue with the Diablo dashboard... If it says "no instances" then it means the nova API is either not communicating properly or nova thinks there aren't any instances.

The second error message "Instance type %(instance_type_id)s could not be found" doesn't come from Horizon (grep the codebase)... so that means the error is either being triggered by the client or being returned over the API as a 500 response with that error message. I couldn't tell you which.

It sounds like one way or another there's an incompatibility with the various components in play, and debugging that without specifics is basically impossible.

I would recommend either a clean devstack diablo install or making sure all your OpenStack components and their dependencies are up-to-date.

It might also be worth making sure that second error message isn't a known bug in nova.

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