ImportError using api-paste.ini configuration example

asked 2012-04-19 09:05:48 -0600

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I recently installed nova following the instructions given here ( .

At a certain stage, the instructions say to modify api-paste.ini described here ( .

I tried but nova-api fails as described in this documentation bug I opened

Not receiving a satisfactory answer (the bug was set to fixed but the fix doesn't seem to be related), I downloaded the api-paste.ini from the Essex's stable release (

I changed the keystone credentials and restarted nova-api. It seems to work properly.

Did I do the right thing?

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answered 2012-07-19 09:11:27 -0600

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Mark McLoughlin suggests this article as an answer to your question: FAQ #2004: “Malformed request url (HTTP 400)”.

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answered 2012-04-19 14:34:08 -0600

marco-consonni gravatar image

I'm adding some information.

After the configuration described in my previous post, I restarted nova-api and it runs: the "ImportError" problem, that caused the service crash, disappeared.

However, after configuring the nova-api URL in keystone as described here ( , I submitted command

nova list

just to verify that nova-api was fine.

Actually, the request is received by the nova-api server (in fact I can see some log messages in the nova-api.log file) but at console I get the following response:

ERROR: Malformed request url (HTTP 400)

The log file messages do not help me much understand what happened.

Can anybody help me understand what's going on?

To recap:

1) I configured api.paste.ini as per the manual 2) It caused nova-api service crash 3) I changed api.paste.ini using the one released with Essex stable release 4) I configured nova endpoint URLs as defined in the manual 5) I submitted "nova list" command 5) I noted that requests reach nova-api but I don't get results, just errors

What is wrong? Maybe api.paste.ini is not really correct? It is consistent in the sense that all the mentioned pieces are there but it is not correct because the pieces do not support what nova command sends to nova-api?

Thanks for your help.

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