horizon is not showing all nova services

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I've built an openstack Essex cloud using the online documentation at http://openstack.org on Ubuntu 12.04. I have a cloud controller and four compute nodes where each compute node is running nova-network and nova-compute with the multi_host option. The hoizon UI dashboard services page only shows services running on the cloud controller and shows nothing on the compute nodes. nova-manage list services shows all services including those on the compute nodes. I've also noticed that after setting the disable attribute by hand in the services table for nova-compute on the cloud controller, the UI still shows it disabled. Can someone help and give me an idea on how to troubleshoot/fix this problem?

Also, in Diablo, you could enable/disable services from the UI. Will this functionality be available in the Essex Horizon UI?

I have python-django-horizon 2012.1-0ubuntu8.1 installed.

thanks John_Rushford@cable.comcast.com

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answered 2012-07-05 22:00:34 -0600

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Diablo and Essex are showing completely different things. Diablo was using a combination of (now) deprecated extensions and ping commands to do some really awful checking on those services. That entire mindset is dead and gone.

In Essex, what you're seeing is the service list reported by Keystone's Service Catalog. I agree that the data returned isn't very rich, but this is the data we have access to.

Patches to Keystone/Nova APIs are welcome to make the Services panel more useful.

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