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what is the difference between 'Domain', 'Group', 'Tenant' and 'Project'?

asked 2013-01-26 02:26:47 -0600

kong gravatar image

In Grizzly~2, I found that in file 'keystone/identity/', there are CRUD operations for 'Domain', 'Group', 'Tenant' and 'Project'.

What I want to known is that what's the difference between them?

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answered 2013-01-31 19:26:59 -0600

chungg gravatar image

this link might help you - it is the v3 api: (

in short: Domain - represent a collection of both projects and users Groups - represent a collection of Users and are owned by a specific domain Tenants - is being renamed to Projects Projects -represent the base unit of "ownership" in OpenStack

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answered 2013-02-01 00:41:14 -0600

kong gravatar image

Thanks gordon chung, that solved my question.

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