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Host NIC Management/Network Isolation

asked 2012-05-02 14:41:46 -0500

garyk gravatar image

Hi, I wonder if the issue of physical network isolation has ever come up in regards to the way in which Quantum manages networks. For example, a Host has two physical NIC's. NIC1 is connected to the private network and NIC2 is connected to the DMZ. On the agent side it would require that it is aware of which networks are allowed to be "attached" to the NIC's. Has this type of issue ever been discussed? Thanks Gary

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answered 2012-05-06 22:49:16 -0500

danwent gravatar image

Hi Gary,

If I understand what you're asking, then I think the answer is yes.

This seems related to an issue that rkukura was bringing up at the summit: how do you create a quantum network that maps to a physical network in the provider's network. In this case, I think what you're saying is that those physical networks could be attached to different NICs on the hypervisor. This is something we've dealt with already with the NVP plugin, and I'm working with rkukura to try and get an admin API into Quantum to do this in a general way. Let me loop you into that thread.

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