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about IE8 bug for confirm dialog

asked 2013-08-21 12:09:49 -0600

wenxueliu73 gravatar image

Hi All,
we install openstack Essex in CenOS6.2. the bug ( happened to us as well. we fllow the patch set2 step by step. but it doesn't work for us. the dashboard cannot be visited if we fllow the change. maybe debug the js in IE8 is a good idea, but we are not famliar with js. can someone help for us.

  some infomation:  openstack Essex 
                                    horizon verson : 2012-2-3
                                    os : centOS 6.2 in vmware ESi

best regards

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answered 2013-08-27 06:15:26 -0600

wenxueliu73 gravatar image

Thanks David Lyle, that solved my question.

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answered 2013-08-23 02:07:10 -0600

david-lyle gravatar image

This bug was fixed in the Grizzly release. I don't believe the fix was backported to Essex. I suggest you either backport the fix or upgrade to Grizzly.

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