Mechanism to detect compute node HW failure?

asked 2013-08-08 10:37:48 -0600

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Does Openstack (e.g. nova compute) have a notification (of any kind; message, db-update, file...) if physical HW running compute node services is powered off?

How and when Openstack controller node notices that one of the compute node HW is down? VM instances status running in shutdown node will be somehow updated to database? But how about the whole node? Should it be just digged out from database by polling e.g. following tables: ... instances compute_nodes compute_node_stats ... (any other...?) and try to figure out if all VM's on some node is down we should do some actions (move VMs to another compute node)?

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answered 2013-08-09 05:27:45 -0600

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Hi Samuli,

For 'How and when openstack notices compute node down', you can find some information here: (

For 'if all VM's on some node is down we should do some actions', you can use 'evacuate'. To get more detail from here : (

Hoping that help you.

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