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Adding an Ubuntu Server image through Horizon

asked 2014-02-07 12:10:47 -0500

tschlabach gravatar image

I just setup my shiny new Havanna test environment. Now I am logged into Horizon as admin as I would like to make the Ubuntu Server cloud image available to my system so I can go ahead and start to create Ubuntu server instances.

Ubuntu is offering their cloud images here: (

As it says in Horizon "Compressed image binaries are supported (.zip and .tar.gz.)" I guess I will have to use this link here to present it to Horizon: (

What image file format would I have to choose in that case? I understand it's a .tar.gz file which contains an AMI and AKI part. Ubuntu says it's a "Cloud Image/EC2 tarball".

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answered 2014-02-08 08:19:56 -0500

OVF format should work -- (

or a cow format -- that works with kvm and qemu.

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