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Why HAproxy fails with CFN Auto-Scaling Template (Heat / Grizzly) ?

asked 2013-06-16 17:42:45 -0600

Emilien Macchi gravatar image

updated 2013-06-16 17:43:29 -0600


I'm trying to run the AutoScaling stack with this CFN template.

The Heat Stack is created and VM spawned but HAproxy inside the LoadBalancer VM fails to run correctly. It loads then fails, reload and refails.

HAproxy configuration (generated by CFN) /var/log/messages

I've tried both Fedora 17 & 18 and I've checked the version of HAproxy which is the last stable release (1.4.23).

My environment is a fresh OpenStack setup with Grizzly 2013.1.2 release.

Is anyone able to reproduce the bug ? Any thoughts ?

In advance, thank's for support.

Emilien Macchi

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Emilien, this looks like a bug, as haproxy is certainly not operating the way it was intended. Perhaps file a bug here: and link to it in the comments here.

SpamapS gravatar imageSpamapS ( 2013-07-06 02:31:47 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-07-15 04:40:08 -0600

asalkeld gravatar image

This fixes it for me:

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