How could I know which veth pairs are running in the current linux host

asked 2013-07-12 03:12:55 -0600

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Hi, I have a question related to the veth pair that is used in Quantum. I know that Quantum used veth pair. Thus, I want to know which veth pair is running in the current host, which I mean querying the pair by using the linux command. I know that to construct veth pair, you can simply by using "ip link add name1 type veth name2". But I haven't found an command to query the current running veth pair. If you know how to realize the query function, could you please tell me? This would help me a lot. Thanks, :).

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answered 2013-07-12 18:42:14 -0600

xuyang06 gravatar image

Thanks Darragh O'Reilly, that solved my question.

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answered 2013-07-12 18:35:30 -0600

darragh-oreilly gravatar image

try 'ethtool -S name' - I think it returns the number as in 'ip link' - this worked for me on ubuntu.

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