How to test the nova-compute alone

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Hi The solution we provide is just compute nodes with nova-compute support. However I was not sure how to test this solution. Please feel free to correct any mistakes: 1) Can openstack-nova-compute be run alone? I tried to start the compute service, it seemed to wait for scheduler ? I had installed nova-common and compute packages. 2) I decided to test the command line by invoking nova-compute to boot VM. However it complained about setting the environment

-os-username OS_USERNAME] [--os-password OS_PASSWORD]
            [--os-tenant-name_name OS_TENANT_NAME] [--os-auth-url OS_AUTH_URL]
            [--os-region-name OS_REGION_NAME] [--service-type SERVICE_TYPE]
            [--service-name SERVICE_NAME] [--endpoint-type ENDPOINT_TYPE]
            [--version VERSION]

Any idea what these variables have to be set to in order to test?

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answered 2013-06-18 00:27:01 -0600

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Why you want to run nova-compute alone? Any specific reason ?

I believe nova-compute can't work alone.


First, all operation in Openstack need authorization. You need keystone.

Second, you need to receive user's requests. You need nova-api.

Third, for an instance, it need an image to boot. You need glance.

Fourth, you would want to connect to your instance, you instance should have an IP address. You need nova-network or quantum.

And at last,you need a method to transfer information about this request to nova-compute. You need nova-scheduler, and message queue.

Beside, all services need to store data. You need a database.

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