Glance client after savanna installation- python-keystoneclient>=0.1.2,<0.2

asked 2013-09-17 18:14:59 -0600

sarita18narwal gravatar image

In Folsom on ubuntu 12.04 ,I am unable to upload a glance image and also when run command glance image-list, it starts showing me following error :

glance image-list Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/glance", line 5, in <module> from pkg_resources import load_entry_point File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 2711, in <module> parse_requirements(__requires__), Environment() File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 584, in resolve raise DistributionNotFound(req) pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: python-keystoneclient>=0.1.2,<0.2

I had also done changes in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/python_glanceclient-0.5.1.egg-info/requires.txt as follows as

Real: prettytable>=0.6,<0.7 python-keystoneclient>=0.1.2,<0.2 warlock<2

1) change Change to:

prettytable>=0.6,<0.7 python-keystoneclient>=0.1.2,<0.3 warlock<2

then run glance image-list and again face same error

2) change

prettytable>=0.6,<0.7 python-keystoneclient>=0.1.2 warlock<2

again run glance image-list and face same error

How to overcome from this problem ?

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answered 2013-09-24 09:14:33 -0600

SergeyLukjanov gravatar image

You can uninstall python-keystoneclient (pip uninstall python-keystoneclient) and install version that's required for your glance client.

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answered 2013-10-01 04:28:50 -0600

sarita18narwal gravatar image

Thanks Sergey Lukjanov, that solved my question.

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answered 2013-09-18 09:54:10 -0600

Hello, Sarita

What version of python-keystoneclient do you use? Please show output of "pip freeze". Also notice that version of prettytable should not be more than 0.7

Try to change in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/python_glanceclient-0.5.1.egg-info/requires.txt: "prettytable>=0.6,<0.7" to "prettytable>=0.6"

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answered 2013-09-24 06:28:20 -0600

sarita18narwal gravatar image

Output of pip freeze is

/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ g-info# pip freeze Warning: cannot find svn location for distribute==0.6.24dev-r0 Babel==0.9.6 Cheetah==2.4.4 Django==1.4.1 Flask==0.9 FormEncode==1.2.4 GnuPGInterface==0.3.2 Jinja2==2.7.1 Landscape-Client==12.05 M2Crypto==0.21.1 Mako==0.9.0 MarkupSafe==0.18 MySQL-python==1.2.3 PAM==0.4.2 PIL==1.1.7 Paste== PasteDeploy==1.5.0 PasteScript==1.7.5 PyYAML==3.10 Pygments==1.6 Routes==1.12.3 SQLAlchemy==0.7.8 Tempita==0.5.1 Twisted-Core==11.1.0 WebOb==1.2.3 Werkzeug==0.9.4 alembic==0.6.0 amqp==1.0.13 amqplib==1.0.0 anyjson==0.3.3 apt-xapian-index==0.44 argparse==1.2.1 boto==2.2.2 carrot==0.10.7 chardet==2.0.1 cinder==2012.2.4 cliff==1.1.2 cmd2==0.6.3 command-not-found==0.2.44 decorator==3.3.2 dingus==0.3.2

FIXME: could not find svn URL in dependency_links for this package:

distribute==0.6.24dev-r0 django-appconf==0.5 django-compressor==1.1.2 django-openstack-auth==1.0.1 eventlet==0.13.0 feedparser==5.1 gevent==0.13.6 glance==2012.2.4 greenlet==0.3.3 httpie==0.6.0 httplib2==0.7.2 iso8601==0.1.4 jsonschema==2.0.0 keyring==0.9.2 keystone==2012.2.4 kombu==2.5.14 language-selector==0.1 launchpadlib==1.9.12 lazr.restfulclient==0.12.0 lazr.uri==1.0.3 lockfile==0.8 lxml==2.3.2 netaddr==0.7.5 nibabel==1.1.0 nose==1.1.2 nova==2012.2.4 numpy==1.6.1 oauth==1.0.1 oslo.config==1.2.0a3 paramiko==1.11.0 passlib==1.5.3 pbr==0.5.21 prettytable==0.6 pyOpenSSL==0.12 pycrypto==2.6 pycurl==7.19.0 pydicom==0.9.6 pyparsing==1.5.2 pyserial==2.5 python-apt==0.8.3ubuntu7.1 python-cinderclient==1.0.5 python-cloudfiles== python-daemon==1.5.5 python-dateutil==1.5 python-debian==0.1.21ubuntu1 python-gflags==1.5.1 python-glanceclient==0.5.1 python-keystoneclient==0.3.2 python-ldap==2.3.13 python-memcached==1.48 python-novaclient==2.14.1 python-novnc==2012.1-e3 python-openid==2.2.5 python-quantumclient==2.1 python-swiftclient==1.2.0 pytz==2011k requests==1.2.3 savanna==0.3.a197.g5c36235 savanna-dashboard==0.2.1 scgi==1.13 scipy==0.9.0 setuptools-git==0.4.2 simplejson==2.3.2 six==1.3.0 sqlalchemy-migrate==0.7.2 stompy==0.2.9 suds==0.4.1 uTidylib==0.2 ufw==0.31.1-1 virtualenv== wadllib==1.3.0 warlock==0.1.0 websockify==0.1.0 wsgiref==0.1.2 xattr==0.6.2 zope.interface==3.6.1

but still facing the same problem :

Traceback (most recent call last ... (more)

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answered 2013-09-24 08:44:13 -0600

SergeyLukjanov gravatar image

Master of Savanna requires python-keystoneclient>=0.3.2 and I think it'll not work with Folsom OS.

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answered 2013-09-24 08:53:38 -0600

sarita18narwal gravatar image

I have to upload a new image and due to this problem i can not. I can not format my system. Whats the solution for this ?

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answered 2013-09-24 09:10:39 -0600

sarita18narwal gravatar image

Hello,Alexander Rubtsov & Sergey Lukjanov

After doing the changes in requires.txt (python-keystoneclient>=0.1.2,<0.4)

I am facing the error :

"Authorization Failed: request() got an unexpected keyword argument 'verify'"

I do not want to format my system.I just want to upload an image using glance.

How to overcome this problem ?

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