Java library to find if 2 CIDR's overlap

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Assuming Quantum doesnt have a mechanism to query and see if a new subnet CIDR that i want to create doesnt overlaps with the existing subnet CIDR's. I want to do this before creating a subnet, i want to find if an overlapping subnet cidr exists.

If above is true then..

I know this is not directly related to the Quantum work, I need a Java library or Algorithm to find if 2 CIDR's overlap.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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answered 2013-06-06 06:18:43 -0600

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this is python one quantum is using: def _validate_subnet_cidr(self, context, network, new_subnet_cidr): """Validate the CIDR for a subnet.

    Verifies the specified CIDR does not overlap with the ones defined
    for the other subnets specified for this network, or with any other
    CIDR if overlapping IPs are disabled.
    new_subnet_ipset = netaddr.IPSet([new_subnet_cidr])
    if cfg.CONF.allow_overlapping_ips:
        subnet_list = network.subnets
        subnet_list = self._get_all_subnets(context)
    for subnet in subnet_list:
        if (netaddr.IPSet([subnet.cidr]) & new_subnet_ipset):
            # don't give out details of the overlapping subnet
            err_msg = (_("Requested subnet with cidr: %(cidr)s for "
                         "network: %(network_id)s overlaps with another "
                         "subnet") %
                       {'cidr': new_subnet_cidr,
            LOG.error(_("Validation for CIDR: %(new_cidr)s failed - "
                        "overlaps with subnet %(subnet_id)s "
                        "(CIDR: %(cidr)s)"),
                      {'new_cidr': new_subnet_cidr,
                       'cidr': subnet.cidr})
            raise q_exc.InvalidInput(error_message=err_msg)
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