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new user managment

asked 2011-05-23 11:25:50 -0500

sonalij gravatar image

How do we create new users.? also while adding new user, where do we specify password? I followed this guide ( . Nowhere is specified how to assign password for user. Even , user is not a system user so we set password for it..??

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answered 2011-06-07 23:33:35 -0500

Hi Angel,

During the installation process, you create a site level administrator and supply a username and password. This user will have access to the /admin url, but won't necessarily have administrative rights in nova itself. This depends on your own nova user configuration.

To add additional users, the openstack-dashboard provides an implementation of django-registration. This allows new users to register directly from the site and then receive an email in their inbox that will allow them to complete their registration and choose a password.

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