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Dealing with "too much" async pending

asked 2012-03-26 15:52:35 -0600

david-kranz gravatar image

I have had a running cluster for a while and a new user is bashing the system resulting in the number of async pending going >10. I had set notification warnings for that threshold. My question is what I do about that. Is there some configuration parameter that needs to be adjusted, or is this just OK? If it is just OK, what is a reasonable threshold to warn on this value?

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answered 2012-03-27 20:53:19 -0600

david-kranz gravatar image

Thanks, John. That helped a lot. I think I got off track because 10 seems to be what zenoss says it will warn on by default.

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answered 2012-03-26 16:05:40 -0600

notmyname gravatar image

"Too much" async pending is definitely something to monitor in your system. I don't know the size of your cluster, but only 10 is incredibly small. Once whatever issue is causing it (either hardware failure or simply load on your container servers), the system should handle them very quickly. I would guess that your threshold for alerts would be on the order of thousands to tens-of-thousands (for a relatively small cluster). One way to get a feel for how they work is to remove a container drive from the system (ie unmount it) and watch the asyncs climb. Remount the drive (ie fix the issue) and watch how quickly they come down. Based on your cluster size, your traffic patterns, and your hardware SLA, you will be able to determine an appropriate alert level.

You can use swift-recon to find the number of async pendings in the system.

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