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Not able to start any of the nova services.

asked 2012-05-29 06:57:13 -0500

The following message is appearing in /var/log/upstart /nova-compute, /var/log/upstart /nova-api, /var/log/upstart /nova-network etc ( All nova services).

IOError: [Error 13] Permission Denied : '/etc/nova/nova.conf', Exception Key error: keyerror (1399975385115120), in <module 'threading'="" from="" '="" usr="" lib="" python2.7="" threading.pyc'=""> ignored

have set following permission for /etc/nova/nova.conf file -

-rw-r--r-- 1 root nova 794 May 29 11:35 /etc/nova/nova.conf

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2 answers

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answered 2012-06-01 08:33:19 -0500

Thanks Joe for your help.

Now its working after setting the permissions of /etc/nova directory.

Thanks, Neha

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answered 2012-05-29 15:07:33 -0500

joe-topjian-v gravatar image


What are the permissions of your /etc/nova directory?

ls -ld /etc/nova

For reference, mine are:

drwx------ 2 nova nova 4096 May 18 15:36 /etc/nova

ls -l /etc/nova/nova.conf:

-rw-r----- 1 nova nova 982 May 28 13:17 nova.conf

Thanks, Joe

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