How to login with different projects?

asked 2013-02-24 23:50:08 -0600

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Try to login dashboard with a user that is configured in multiple projects. Seems dashboard choses one project automatically. Is there a way to login with a specific project at different time?

Thanks ahead

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answered 2013-03-05 04:40:26 -0600

wei-wen-chen gravatar image

It is verified django_openstack_auth>=1.0.6 should make the project switch usable.

This should be configured in pip but not so it is a bug in TOT

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answered 2013-02-27 14:18:27 -0600

jpichon gravatar image

The "Current project" switcher on the left-side menu should be clickable and let the user access the other projects.

If not, it could be incompatibility between python-keystoneclient and django_openstack_auth versions -- can you provide the version numbers for these two as well as the version of OpenStack you're running?

The comments on this bug might help you with debugging:

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answered 2013-02-27 16:03:29 -0600

wei-wen-chen gravatar image

Thanks for the context.

Not sure how to get those package versions as this is devstack setup, but I just installed top of trunk bits 2 days ago.

keystone --version

I also tried IE and Chrome, and none of them switchable.

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