Can not assign IPv6 address to instance under vmware CD driver

asked 2014-02-12 10:09:20 -0500

dzyu gravatar image

I faced one issue about use vmware CD driver. The OpenStack env is Ok, since I can deploy one VM instance sucessfully. With IPv4 network, after booted instance, the vm in vmware can obtain the targeted IPv4 address, but with IPv6 subnet, boot instance is OK, but the instance can not obtain the assigned IPv6 address.

From log, I saw OpenStack will send <ns0:extraconfig> info to vmware.
<ns0:extraconfig> <ns0:key>nvp.vm-uuid</ns0:key> <ns0:value xsi:type="xsd:string">f85cfa47-0f29-425c-ba19-633ca20f184f</ns0:value> </ns0:extraconfig> <ns0:extraconfig> <ns0:key>nvp.iface-id.0</ns0:key> <ns0:value xsi:type="xsd:string">26944909-b288-4efc-bd05-02ec56784955</ns0:value> </ns0:extraconfig>,

it just use neutron port id as nvp.iface-id.0 value.

I want to know how to assign IPv6 address to vm instance? Any help, thanks!

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