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Problems with VM network

asked 2011-05-16 10:42:11 -0600

nickolas-olazabal gravatar image

Hi everyone. I have issues with networking of the instances. I'm running openstack (nova, glance, dashbord) in a single server configuration. I used ( - for Nova installation (glance, dashboard - manual install). For the reason that I can add images to Glance from command line, and then could run instances in Dashboard from added images I could suggest that all is installed properly. The VM instances state are "Running". After all i find out that I couldn't connect to my instances. Where I can start finding what is wrong with network?

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answered 2011-05-16 16:27:47 -0600

vishvananda gravatar image

Your DHCP start ends in .10 but nova is assigning .2+ You will probably have to either switch the start address to .2 or edit the database and set reserved=1 for .2 - .9 so nova doesn't give them out.


On May 16, 2011, at 8:41 AM, Nickolas Olazabal wrote:

Question #157719 on OpenStack Compute (nova) changed:

Nickolas Olazabal gave more information on the question: ps aux|grep -i dnsmasq

nobody 31985 0.0 0.0 23184 1144 ? S 14:26 0:00 dnsmasq --strict-order --bind-interfaces --conf-file= --domain=novalocal --pid-file=/var/lib/nova/networks/ --listen-address= --except-interface=lo --dhcp-range=,static,120s --dhcp-hostsfile=/var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf --dhcp-script=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge --leasefile-ro root 31986 0.0 0.0 23052 408 ? S 14:26 0:00 dnsmasq --strict-order --bind-interfaces --conf-file= --domain=novalocal --pid-file=/var/lib/nova/networks/ --listen-address= --except-interface=lo --dhcp-range=,static,120s --dhcp-hostsfile=/var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf --dhcp-script=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge --leasefile-ro

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