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DNS for VMs

asked 2012-07-30 11:25:17 -0500

Hi Att the University of Derby, we are running a multi node Openstack install running Diablo on top of Ubuntu Maverick. Is there a way to set a custom name server for our VMs? The VMs are using novalocal as the domain / search, with the vms own local ip as the address of the nameserver . Is there a way to use our own DNS box for the VMs? As a the moment my VMs cannot ping by hostname so I cannot run apt-get on any of them, if I manually add our DNS settings this works but resolv.conf reverts back to novalocal after a minute or two. We are running Vlan networking. Thanks James

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answered 2012-07-31 06:30:40 -0500

koolhead17 gravatar image

See if using cloud-init helps.

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answered 2012-07-31 07:44:52 -0500

Thanks Koolhead17, I assumed the VMs weren't getting onto the internet because of a DNS error, but checked my nova.conf and realised I had --routing_source set to the internal IP. I will look at cloud-innit for my DNS error though as we would still prefer the VMs to be on our DNS.

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