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Is euca-bundle-vol supported by Openstack with Keystone?

asked 2012-01-03 22:52:54 -0600

dkang gravatar image

I am using OpenStack that is as recent as mid-december 2011 version. Glance is used to mange images. Keystone is used for the authentication. I want to save the image of a running instance. I heard that "euca-bundle-vol" does the magic. To run euca-bundle-vol, I need to provide euca-certificate, private key, euca user ID. However, openrc file in the devstack tree does not have any entry to set those EUCA specific environment variables. (Especially, EC2_USER_ID, EC2_PRIVATE_KEY, EC2_CERT.)

Is euca-bundle-vol supported?

Or, are there openstack APIs that save the image of a running instance and registers it to a new image?

Here is my openrc file.

HOST_IP= export NOVA_PROJECT_ID="admin" export NOVA_USERNAME="admin" export NOVA_PASSWORD="secrete" export NOVA_API_KEY=$NOVA_PASSWORD #export NOVA_URL="" export NOVA_URL=http://$HOST_IP:5000/v2.0/ export NOVA_VERSION=1.1 export NOVA_REGION_NAME=RegionOne

export EC2_URL=http://$HOST_IP:8773/services/Cloud export EC2_ACCESS_KEY="admin" #export EC2_ACCESS_KEY="admin:secrete" export EC2_SECRET_KEY="secretpassword" #export EC2_SECRET_KEY="secretpassword"


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answered 2012-01-04 20:06:44 -0600

vishvananda gravatar image

euca-bundle-vol is not currently supported using keystone. We hope to have it working again by essex release though.

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answered 2012-01-03 23:02:07 -0600

dkang gravatar image

I figure out a part of the answers.

$ nova image-create <server id=""> <new name="">

does the magic.

I still want to know the corresponding euca-bundle-vol is supported.

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answered 2012-01-04 18:25:17 -0600

jaypipes gravatar image

Hi David, switching this to a devstack question, as I don't think this is related to Glance specifically.

Also, what you are describing is a snapshot instance process, not (AFAIK) a volume management action like euca-bundle-vol.

I'm hoping Vish or Jesse will have a good answer for you...

Thanks! -jay

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