OpenStack deployment with XenServer as compute node

asked 2012-05-28 07:18:45 -0600

Hi all:

The deployment I would like to try is as follows:

Control Node: A physical machine, installed with all openstack components(keystone, glance, nova, ) except nova-compute.

Compute Node: A clean machine installed with Xenserver, running only nova-compute

Both these machines have two physical network interfaces. One is connected to public switch, and one is for private switch.

After reading manuals in the openstack website and instructions in the openstack wiki, I have been confused. How should I configure the Xenserver to let the compute node communicates with the control node? Or my architecture is not correct?

I have used Devstack and followed the instructions in ( to installed the dom_U. Then, should I installed nova-compute in the new created dom_U? And should I setting up a bridge between the control node and the xenserver dom0?

Sorry for the poor questions, but I have been confused with few weeks, Thanks for all your reply!!!

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answered 2012-05-29 14:02:34 -0600

johngarbutt gravatar image


You shouldn't need any extra bridges.

I assume you setup the control box using DevStack?

You can setup the compute node doing something like this: (

I would just use the IP address on the private network, call it your "management network", the same network you have XenAPI listening.

Do the explanations here help at all: (

What is currently failing in your deployment? Does this help?

Cheers, John

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