Can't SSH into VMs on compute nodes

asked 2012-08-10 11:04:06 -0600

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Hi all, i have installed OpenStack on 7 nodes : 1 Controller node : Nova-* / keystone/glance/ horizon 6 compute nodes : nova-network, nova-volume and nova-compute Fixed Network : Floating Network: Evrything seems fine but when i launch a vm on a compute node, i can't SSH into it. Port 22 is already open and working but after i do this : ssh -i priv_key ubuntu@ , it asks me for a password for the ubuntu login !! i tried a lot of other images ( cirros, tty linux, ..) but still the same result. Note that injection of key to VM is done flawlessly check : Note also that i can access to my VMs using their Fixed IPs instead of the floating ones ! Note that SNAT / DNAT seems good

I have installed OpenStack on a single Node, used the same images and it worked like a charm, so to narrow this down, is there an extra configuration i should for my compute node ?

PLEASE HELP, I HAVE TO DO A DEMO for my boss very Soon , Thanks

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answered 2012-09-10 02:15:11 -0600

wonder-zou gravatar image

what is the OS ? 64bit or 32 bit, you can not ssh to a 64bit image, in 32bit host.

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answered 2012-08-10 11:48:18 -0600

tomasz-michal-klosinski gravatar image

You have to add a rule to the security group to open port 22.

You may do this in dashboard - in Access and Security -> Secuirty Groups -> Edit rules:

IP Protocol: TCP From Port: 22 To Port: 22 Secure Group: CIDR CIDR:

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answered 2012-08-10 11:48:54 -0600

tomasz-michal-klosinski gravatar image (

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answered 2012-08-10 13:37:22 -0600

msekni gravatar image


Thanks for replying but i already said Port 22 is Open and well set in my security rule. It's not a port issue, the VM is not recognizing the private key :(

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answered 2012-08-15 09:28:55 -0600

you're using cirros images, and what is the image says is...

login as 'cirros' user. default password: 'cubswin:)'. use 'sudo' for root.

does this make sense?

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