connetc instance from dashboard by novncproxy failed

asked 2012-04-28 07:50:33 -0500

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dear all, i have a question that i cannot connect an instance from dashboard by novncproxy.

i cannot connect the instance from dashboard. I have 11 machines to build the cloud.keystone,glance,dashboard,mysql and nova were installed on the controller( . And glance ,nova are also are installed other machines. my question is that nova-consoleauth is needed to install on every machine???

And nova-novncproxy is also needed to install on every machine???

That is the machine's (

[DEFAULT] verbose=True auth_strategy=keystone allow_resize_to_same_host=True compute_scheduler_driver=nova.scheduler.filter_scheduler.FilterScheduler dhcpbridge_flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf fixed_range= flat_network_dhcp_start= s3_host= volume_group=nova-volumes volume_name_template=volume-%08x iscsi_helper=tgtadm iscsi_ip_prefix=192.168.80. osapi_compute_extension=nova.api.openstack.compute.contrib.standard_extensions my_ip= public_interface=eth0 flat_interface=eth0 floating_range= flat_network_bridge=br100 sql_connection=mysql://nova:nova@ libvirt_type=kvm instance_name_template=instance-%08x novncproxy_base_url= xvpvncproxy_base_url= vncserver_listen= vncserver_proxyclient_address= api_paste_config=/etc/nova/api-paste.ini image_service=nova.image.glance.GlanceImageService ec2_dmz_host= rabbit_host= rabbit_password=guest glance_api_servers= force_dhcp_release=True connection_type=libvirt firewall_driver=nova.virt.libvirt.firewall.IptablesFirewallDriver logdir=/var/log/nova multi_host=true

and my /etc/init/nova-novncproxy.conf was wrote "exec /opt/stack/noVNC/utils/nova-novncproxy --config_file /etc/nova/nova.conf --web /opt/stack/noVNC -d --debug"

What is wrong with me ??? Thankyou!

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answered 2012-05-02 07:04:46 -0500

zhonghuabaima0913 gravatar image

There is only need one consloeauth and novncproxy.and vncserver_listen=compute's IP vncserver_proxyclient_address=compute's IP

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