Dose partition count determine the number of objects a cluster can store?

asked 2013-05-06 08:27:42 -0600

When create a ring, we need to specify how many partitions it has. Say, I specify a power of 10, then the cluster will have 1024 partitions. If I specify replica to 4, dose that mean the cluster could store 1024/4=256 objects?

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answered 2013-05-06 16:44:10 -0600

david-hadas gravatar image

Each partition can store many objects. Swift will naturally balance the available disk space such that when X objects are placed into N partitions, each partition would hold roughly X/N objects.

The same partition is than replicated D (E.g. D=3).

One common practice advise is to consider what would be the number of hard disks (devices) you will have when the cluster would reach its maximal size - Lets say you will have M hard disks. In such a case, aim for the number of partitions to be bigger than 100*M.

So if M is 10000, use a partition power of 24 and if M is 1000 use partition power of 17.

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