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asked 2012-04-06 22:16:34 -0500

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After installing and doing the 'db_sync' command, I try to create a default tenant per the instructions in the manual and get this.

keystone --token 012345secret99token012345 --endpoint tenant-create --name openstackDemo --description "Default Tenant" --enabled true No handlers could be found for logger "keystoneclient.client" Unable to authorize user root@xnode8:~#

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answered 2012-04-10 19:59:33 -0500

donald-mize gravatar image

I found the issue. It was between the keyboard and the chair!! :-)

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answered 2012-04-10 20:23:57 -0500

donald-mize gravatar image

To be more specific, the admin_token in the keystone.conf file wasn't set to what I was trying to pass on the command line. The docs I was looking at wasn't clear on this.

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You confirmed that the question is solved: I found the issue. It was between the keyboard and the chair!! :-)

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answered 2013-03-17 08:17:59 -0500

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I tried replacing the example token with the token I created in keystone.conf & I still get the same error. I even did export SERVICE_TOKEN=tokenfoo as root as per a blog post I saw on the error & it still errors the same.

What is the right way to do this so it works?

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