Unable to launch instances on compute node using vlan networking without nova-network installed

asked 2011-07-04 22:00:39 -0600


I am attempting to setup a multinode openstack setup using 2 nodes.

The first (node 1) is running nova api, network and compute. The second node (node 2) is just running compute. When running instances I am able to successfully launch images running on node 1 but the images running on node 2 never start and get stuck in the networking state.

I can get instances to run on node 2 if I install nova-network on node 2, but it seems odd to need to install nova network on every compute node. Once nova-network is installed on node 2 I can stop it with "service nova-manage stop" and am still able to launch instances on node 1 and 2.

Is there some setup that I can do so that it is not necessary to install nova-network on every compute node. How can I setup node 2 so that vlans and bridges can be created by nova-network running on node 1? Thanks, Andrew

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answered 2011-07-05 00:24:41 -0600

I was able to fix this. It was happening because I didn't have the vlan package installed on node 2.

Fixed with sudo apt-get install vlan on node 2.

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