How to use python-ceilometerclient

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I was trying to use python-ceilometerclient. I was developing using horizon dev env.

I do this:

from ceilometerclient.client import Client

ceilometer = Client('1', endpoint=api_endpoint,

and somehow I can't understand yet how to use it because the docs did not explain it well how to use it in python.

I need some code example using it such us:

getting all data usages of all instances or a specific instance including its data about ram, volumes, vcpu and etc of a tenant or project.

Any help will be much appreciated.


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answered 2013-07-26 17:26:46 -0600

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I doubt anybody at this moment has spare time to write such documentation for you. I would suggest you to study existing code on openstack git repositories and hang out on the IRC #openstack-dev channel to discuss your development questions there in real time with other developers.

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