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How do I set up ephemeral storage for windows images?

asked 2012-10-30 09:50:06 -0500

erik-lindblad gravatar image


I'm running a nova cloud (essex) with both linux and windows instances. I want the windows images to boot with an ephemeral pre-formatted ntfs drive.

I've tried setting: virt_mkfs="windows=mkfs.ntfs --force --fast --label %(fs_label)s %(target)s"

in nova.conf and I've also set the os_type metadata on the windows image: ~ $ nova image-show 0d86a3bc-f55b-4718-8350-8eb967d3a111 +------------------+--------------------------------------+ | Property | Value | +------------------+--------------------------------------+ | created | 2012-10-26T13:56:33Z | | id | 0d86a3bc-f55b-4718-8350-8eb967d3a111 | | metadata os_type | windows | | minDisk | 0 | | minRam | 0 | | name | win2k8sqlserver2k8 | | progress | 100 | | status | ACTIVE | | updated | 2012-10-29T11:37:22Z | +------------------+--------------------------------------+

I've also tried setting the os_type param when booting the instance:

nova boot --meta os_type=windows --hint=os_type=windows --image 0d86a3bc-f55b-4718-8350-8eb967d3a111 --flavor m1.windowsbig test

Even after all this nova still uses ext4: 2012-10-29 12:41:24 DEBUG nova.utils [req-33b476e7-6412-4caa-ba51-839c36ab35b0 ec731931e03544d89e46468a3a268d9b 526fedd9083647fbbbc167261f10ecfc] Running cmd (subprocess): mkfs.ext4 -L ephemeral0 -F /var/lib/nova/instances/_base/ephemeral_0_20_windows from (pid=10597) execute /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/

The ephemeral drive shows up in the instance and I can format it after booting the instance. But I need it to be recognized as a drive at boot. How can I fix this?

Cheers, Erik

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answered 2012-11-02 11:25:10 -0500

erik-lindblad gravatar image

Ok, I figured out my problem. My nova.conf BEFORE:

virt_mkfs="default=mkfs.ext4 -L %(fs_label)s -F %(target)s" virt_mkfs="windows=mkfs.ntfs --force --fast --label %(fs_label)s %(target)s"

This is from the docs, but it's not right. Removing the citation marks made it work as expected: virt_mkfs=default=mkfs.ext4 -L %(fs_label)s -F %(target)s virt_mkfs=windows=mkfs.ntfs --force --fast --label %(fs_label)s %(target)s

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