Can the VMDK image version be set?

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I created a VMDK on my ESX system as VM Version 8. The document for Glance states that vmware_image_version is not used. When I launch an instance, I noticed that ESX shows the image version is VM Version 9. Then I eventually got an error "NovaException: The virtual disk is either corrupted or not a supported format." Is there a way to set or control what the image version is supposed to be launched?

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answered 2013-11-18 18:36:08 -0600

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Starting at v0.12, Qemu-kvm has native support to VMware's disk images v6 (seems to be compatible with v7, used by VMware Server)

You will need to export as V7 or V6 then first to boot at the command line using KVM.

$ kvm -drive file=your_vmdk_filename_here.vmdk,boot=on

If that does not work look at the VMX config file and follow these instructions.

flat VMDK files should run fine I have version 7 running.

The other thing I would recommend is to convert it to QCOW2 Image, add the Cloud-Init drivers, Virt-IO drivers to make the Image cloud Aware for OpenStack. You have much more flexibility then.

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