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Cinder VolumeLimitExceeded

asked 2013-04-26 11:41:28 -0500

shantha-kumar gravatar image


I have only one volume in my cinder, but when im trying to create the volume im getting the following error

"ERROR: VolumeLimitExceeded: Maximum number of volumes allowed (20) exceeded"

I can edit the quotos to get this working but what was the problem behind this.

root@grzrc3:~# cinder list +--------------------------------------+-----------+--------------+------+-------------+----------+-------------+ | ID | Status | Display Name | Size | Volume Type | Bootable | Attached to | +--------------------------------------+-----------+--------------+------+-------------+----------+-------------+ | 617158ed-176b-4c99-88b5-8070b04f9096 | available | vol1 | 1 | None | false | | +--------------------------------------+-----------+--------------+------+-------------+----------+-------------+ root@grzrc3:~# root@grzrc3:~# root@grzrc3:~# cinder create --display-name test 2 ERROR: VolumeLimitExceeded: Maximum number of volumes allowed (20) exceeded root@grzrc3:~# root@grzrc3:~#

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answered 2013-05-09 18:03:20 -0500

shantha-kumar gravatar image

Waiting for the bug fix.

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