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S3 integration with swift and keystone havana

asked 2014-01-21 22:44:08 -0500

garrett-s-page gravatar image

I'm trying to enable s3 api compatibility for the havana release of Swift. I have a proxy setup with a self signed cert. The instructions out on the web seem to reference and older version of openstack and several of the steps don't seem to be valid anymore. It looks like I have to download fujita/swift3 separately now, and the s3token instructions don't seem valid as I get errors trying to enable keystone.swift_auth and there's some references on the web about how that was removed in havana.

Is there an updated set of instructions on how to enable and use s3 with swift? I'm a complete tyro to object storage and have never used s3 before so a very basic set of step by step instructions would be useful for me. It also looks like I need to create a set of s3 credentials in keystone using ec2-credentials-create as well, but I'm not finding any information about what to do with them once I've created them. I'm trying to connect to my swift cluster via cyberduck using the s3 connection type and using the access key id and secret values I got back from ec2-create-credentials but I keep getting an error "listing directory failed".

I should also mention that after installing fujita/swift3 and enabling swift3 in the pipeline using tempauth I can successfully connect with cyberduck to the proxy using the s3 connection type. So my problem seems to be with the keystone integration.

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answered 2015-08-05 03:46:11 -0500

kirubak gravatar image

try, add s3_extension in keystone.conf

[filter:s3_extension] paste.filter_factory = keystone.contrib.s3:S3Extension.factory

[pipeline:public_api] pipeline = token_auth admin_token_auth xml_body json_body debug ec2_extension s3_extension public_service

[pipeline:admin_api] pipeline = token_auth admin_token_auth xml_body json_body debug ec2_extension s3_extension crud_extension admin_service

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