list_instances and get_info in libvirt_conn do not return defer

asked 2010-12-01 14:37:29 -0500

armando-migliaccio gravatar image

I can see from the code in virt/ that most of the LibvirtConnection's methods are asynchronous. However list_instances and get_info are not. Is this intentional? Or am I missing something?

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answered 2010-12-08 09:50:07 -0500

armando-migliaccio gravatar image

It looks like the issue is present, but the way we make things async will change soon. See bug activity log for more info.

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answered 2010-12-06 18:48:18 -0500

armando-migliaccio gravatar image

Based on Ewan's comment at revision 229 ( ) I am assuming that those methods were meant to be made async at some point.

If no-one objects I am creating a bug report for this and fix it shortly.

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